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Welcome to Safe Candle

Welcome to  Do you love candles, but hate the "side effects"? Go "natural & safe" - with Scentsy - the flameless, sootless, wickless, & smokeless candle alternative. Scentsy consists of beautiful pottery warmers, that melt scented Scentsy waxes to just above room and body temperature. Love an awesome scent? We have over 80 power-packed scented waxes to choose from. Check out our Scentsy candle warmers and match them to your favorite decor. Scentsy has something for every one's style and preference. Visit our Scentsy Candle Products page for more information on our high quality Scentsy warmers, Scentsy waxes, Scentsy car scents, Scentsy room sprays, & Scentsy candle travel tins! Join the Scentsy Craze - Place your orders here today!!

300% Growth - WOW! Scentsy has averaged 300% growth year over year, since it's inception just over 6 years ago. In today's economic environment, growth to this magnitude is something to take note of!! Scentsy is a fabulous home business opportunity, as anyone joining the Scentsy team would have the advantage of capitalizing on the Scentsy Company's tremendous growth!

Ride the "Scentsy Candle Wave"! In just a few years, I have experienced the fruits of Scentsy Success. I am able to stay at home with my children, & work part time, while earning fabulous full time pay. Let me help you learn how to work the Scentsy candle business to your advantage. My passion is to teach and mentor others on how to grow their Scentsy home business, affording them the same experience of personal & financial fulfillment that has come into my life! Ready to join? - buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the fabulous ride - visit our Scentsy Home Business Opportunity page!

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